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Important!! The Master List will be updated with approximate pick up and drop off times as the routes become more established. For the time being, please feel free to contact our front office for questions regarding pick up and drop off times. (updated 8/1/2017)



It is important for us to know (and for your child to know) how students will be transported the first day of school.  We realize transportation may be different the first few days. Please put this in writing so your child’s teacher will know. This will eliminate confusion, not only for our staff, but for your child.  


During the school year, if there will be any change to the method of afternoon transportation, we must be notified in writing of this change. You must notify us in one of the following four ways; Send in a written note, come in, fax us at 256-851-4631, or email your child’s teacher along with emailing our registrar, Regina Cole, at rcole@mcssk12.org,  or in case of extreme emergency you may call us at  256-851-4630.




The Madison County Board of Education provides bus service for students in Madison County. To ensure a safe and secure ride to and from school, students must adhere to the following guidelines outlined in the Madison County Schools’ Student Code of Conduct.  Please explain to your child how important it is to follow the main guidelines of staying seated, talking quietly to the persons seated nearby, respecting the rights of others, and refraining from being loud or disruptive. We will not tolerate any situation that causes distractions for our drivers; riding a school bus is a privilege and procedures and guidelines must be followed closely.

Bus Riding Rules:

    • Obey all instructions of the driver promptly and cheerfully.
    • Be at the bus stop on time.  Buses cannot wait.
    • Stay back from the roadway while waiting on the bus.
    • When it is necessary to cross the road, cross only when the driver signals and always cross in front of the bus.
    • Remain seated. Do not move around while the bus is in motion.
    • Sit in assigned seat if the driver has designated one for you.
    • Help keep the floor clear of trash and litter.
    • No food or drinks are allowed on the bus.
    • Talk quietly to your neighbors.
  • Ride only the bus to which you are assigned: Enter and leave only at assigned stops. If a student is riding a different bus in the afternoon, a written note from a parent must be approved by the administration.
  • Students are allowed to use electronic devices on the bus with the use of headphones ONLY.  If the device becomes a problem/distraction to the driver, the device may be collected and turned in to the administration.  


**If a student is riding a different bus in the afternoon, A WRITTEN NOTE FROM PARENTS MUST BE APPROVED by the administration before the change in bus route can be made. The school will keep a copy and one copy will be given to the bus driver.  We do not take bus changes over the phone nor do we accept changes based on “a child’s verbal request.”


Bus Riding Disciplinary Consequences:

Any child who misbehaves on the bus will be subject to the disciplinary actions listed below. If suspended from the bus, a child is still required to attend school.

  1. First offense:  Warning
  2. Second offense:  3-day bus suspension
  3. Third offense: 5-day bus suspension
  4. All additional offenses will result in bus suspension for extended lengths of time (10 days) and possibly for the remainder of the year.

Fighting or threatening another is completely prohibited on the bus and will result in an automatic suspension from the bus.


Car Riders

Students who are car riders will be dropped off in the mornings and picked up in the afternoons in the “car rider lane” located on the east side of the building.  For morning arrival, NO CHILD MAY BE DROPPED OFF PRIOR TO 7:15 a.m.  Once the car line closes at 7:40, students MUST be checked in at the front office. For afternoon dismissal, car riders will go to the 3rd grade hallway to wait for their numbers to be called.  IF YOU ARRIVE ON CAMPUS AFTER 7:40, YOU MAY NOT SEND YOUR CHILD ACROSS THE WALK WAY, YOU MUST PARK AND WALK THEM IN THE FRONT DOOR. THIS IS FOR OBVIOUS SAFETY CONCERNS.


Car rider numbers will be distributed to every student (regardless of your mode of transportation) by the homeroom teacher during the beginning of the year orientation.  Numbers will include the child’s teacher and a number (usually 1 through 20).  Any car used to pick up children must have the number clearly displayed on a visor for safety purposes.  If you lose one of the assigned cards, you will need to retrieve an official card in the front office.


You must use the car rider line or the check-out system for afternoon retrieval of students.  In other words, we cannot allow you to come into the school and pick up students directly from the 3rd grade hallway.  We understand that emergency situations sometimes arise that may cause you to be late picking your child up by 2:50 p.m. in the afternoon.  However, if a pattern of late pickup develops, there will be a fine imposed.